Balcony Beach
Chorus: Mooo baby / We can make it happen/ Make it through baby / All we

need to do is begin rejuvenating / Keep it all in focus and pursue it

faithfully / Do it patiently / Just the way the sea's been this evening / I

came out at eight was leaning on the railing / I kept hearing the waves

crashin' beneath me / Back and forth / They just rephrased what they were

saying / Over and over doing that repeatedly / They'd crash and come back

/ Its just a constant thing / Every time they'd back out to sea / Its like

they'd draw just a little more out of me / A lot of images and feelings /

Just a limitless release / And I began to reminisce freely / It was a

cinema / Featuring me and a cast of emotions / That demanded my attention

immediately / I had previously put them on hold / On the back burner since

earlier / I didn't want to deal with it / At that time I felt like other

things were pertinent / Now I see its permanent unless I get real with it /

And it ain't that I don't love to tussle / Especially mentally / 'Cause I

generally do win / Might not win at first, but definitely eventually /

'Cause I ain't never not been a shoe-in since birth / But now, this is

special though / See, this is beyond my threshold / I'm accustomed to just

a conventional struggle / With two opponents / Only here the tussle's

between you and the truth / So ultimately I'm gonna lose / Actually I gain

though / I gotta be honest with myself, or else / I impede my personal

progress / I think it's better to be depressed for a minute / Admit it,

and get re-oriented / Instead of being a bitter cynic isn't it? / Chorus /

I'm getting older / Everybody around me acts all sober / Lookin' poker

faced / I started losing hair at the corners / Matter-of-fact, I looked up

top / That whole border's jacked / Nobody's gonna chauffeur me anymore /

Whatever this is, we all go through it I guess / It's just awkward / I'm

not a hundred percent comfortable with / The rate that everything's

developing at / It's just a little overwhelming at times / I'm dealing with

hella shit to process / It's new data daily / There's really no preparing

for this thing / Or, maybe it's mainly just me acting strangely / Just me

facing the challenge / I doubt it though / 'Cause I met thousands of people

/ Seen something similar in their faces / It's like the outlook is changing

/ I think it's called bein' a man in the making / It's burnt, I like

pralines now / Long walks solo, where I can sort my thoughts out / Just

what I've been taught to date / It doesn't gel well with the way that I've

been feeling these days / That's coming from a ton of angles, hella places

/ I'm really not trying to make a political statement / But just in terms

of internally inside/ I'm at an interval in life where it's a turbulent

time / And I could pretend that it's all good / And that I shouldn't put so

much on it / Let it sit and just settle itself / Stop acting all sobby and

sentimental / Besides everything's perfectly fine / But here I am on this

balcony / With my thoughts just traveling randomly on some tangent

And in the back of my mind / I keep hearing this lady / Her voice is

beautiful, she keeps saying / Mooo baby / We can make it happen/ Make it

through baby / All we need to do is begin rejuvenating / Keep it all in

focus and pursue it faithfully / Do it patiently