Show You Love
Please forgive me

If I come on too strong

I get a little anxious

When I talk about God's love

Hold me back now

Stop me if I start to preach

'Cause I don't want to be the one

To push you out of reach

The way to give love

Is how you live love

That is what I'll do

You cannot fight it

You can't deny it

Love will get to you


Don't wanna get up in your face

Don't wanna put the pressure on

Don't wanna make you run away

Just wanna show you love

Don't wanna beg you to believe

Don't wanna take you for a ride

Don't wanna sell you anything

Just wanna show you love

Show you love

Just wanna show you love

I won't convince you

With anything I say

But maybe you will see His love

In how it is portrayed

An act of kindness

A loving sacrifice

Simple little things that have

The power to change your life

There's no surprises

And no disguises

Just the blessed truth

No obligation

No complication

Just a gift for you.