Love So High

Love So High

Every morning I would wake up

And I'd tie the sun around a cup

And I felt your love higher than the sky

No one in this world but you and I

Had tasted love so sweet

You held me in your arms

Softer than in the rain

Mi amore my love never dies

Mi amore look into my eyes

We had a love so high

I could never walk away

A love so high

I could reach out and touch the sky

Tell me why

I said a little prayer for you and I

A love so high

Now I wake up in the middle of the night

Your face in front of my

Like a candle burning brighter than the flame

And I see everything inside your eyes

Your smile your touch your alibis

And I wish that you could be with me all night

Mi amore I wish that I could fly

Mi amore look into my eyes

Tell me why

I can't see you anymore

Time's ticking away

I still want you everyday