Ghetto Day
featuring D. Marshall

Kane: See in the ghetto

When thug niggas die

We Ride

The whole hood ride

You gonna ride if you a soldier

You a soldier ain't cha

Abel: Hell Yeah nigga

Kane: Then you gonna ride

for the ?????

D. Marshall

Chorus: Just another ghetto day

Another soldier died today

I'm praying that the clips in my AK

You know we gotta ride today (X2)

Kane: I just got word that they shot my Nigga

Sit down on the curb and pray its not my Nigga

If It's Tru, you know what we gots to do

Wrap the glocks in the chopper

Cowards gone get they issue


Aint no respect for life where I live

Niggas will get revenge

But they wont forgive

Retaliation gone happen in New Orleans

We send that ass to the morgue

Time to donate them organs

They ain't gone care if lil folks or

Ol' folks out there

And as if my standards

Gone be down

When that gun smoke clear

Cause a man a different man with a gun In his hand

Or a bag a dope in his hand

Turn that man to He-man

Roll down the window when we see them Niggas(Damn them niggas)

That be with them niggas

Dont get shook to pull triggas

Put some fire on my gat

Make no eye contact

You busters killed my fuckin nigga

And he never comin back (never)

Chorus (X2)

Abel: I watched yo son throw a rose as They lowered your casket

And God only knows I'm a get this bastard

When he killed you

He killed himself

Straight Drama

I'm a spray even if he standing next to my momma


We used to chill in the project cuts

Drinking hennesy and smokin till we both Throw up

Your old lady used to fuss

Cause we hang to much

I broke the news

She hung up

It was just too much

Tellin your momma you was dead

The hardest thing I ever did

So tonite it's mo drama

When I ride for your kid

Chorus (X3)

TRU soldiers gonna ride for you

TRU soldiers gonna ride for you