The Last Great American (New Last Verse (9/15/2001))
Mr. Merry cries in his coffin for days he says he can remember

And through the town the pallbearers sing old songs

Of a beautiful and purple mountain

From every walk of life we've come to see the Last Great American

May I now present you the speaker

Friends he was a man of men, a man of gold

He had a how do you say ethical like sense

That's when the President started to giggle

Then the children gave the blessing

Though the service weren't half done

Each of them sued the other one

For the last great American

Mr. Reaches up and we bow our heads

He pulls the lid on down as his stone is read

Here lies our Merry the man with the heart so spent

That in this day and age is sick of living

Then the funeral pyre was shattered

And the world became undone

The mourners raised their heads up

As the crowd began to run

Then everybody stopped... the beating of a drum.

For through the smoke and morning sun

Stands the Last Great American