El P]

Chick this out

Company Flow manifests itself in many different ways

We rhyme like this is the last fucking days

Of course we've got El P DJ Mr. Len

And the one and only

[Bigg Jus]

Jus's style is infinite so pass me the rock

Got the same burner as the kid down the block

Bought it from an off duty cop getting over

Yo he'll stick you with a felony just to fill a quota

I've got more styles than pagers by Motorola

Legendary seven y'all claiming fuzz had inflicted it

When played and AD hit in

They came way back was killing it

Who's the wildest b-boy with the paid style that's ill

Encased in a glass dome I pull mikes like filaments

I'm tungsten, light within that causes something

Lick off a legal shot hit the edge and turn busting

The trendy setter shot Joey now his cousins bludgeon

They ask for it, permanent vacation with no passport

Top ranked televisor of boxing as a sport

I keep my gun cocked for all you hard rocks

And grab my crotch at one time when they roll through my block

Bigg Jus from the see ya, and we rule non-stop!

Bigg bigg Jus, they start fuming when I set it

Breaking down with the flow

Bigg bigg Jus, they start fuming when I set it

After the verse

I got the fat cat Krylon paint, radioactive

Busting out sockets leaving Earth in this bastard

Rock the overdose, fiend back the graphics

Lost off through a vortex, you came out on plastic

Punch numbers buy me a thought last year candy gram

Busting VSOL, on some shit, I'm the man

Housing heads one of 2000 in reefer's dead

The underground's uncertain

Scrub skills keep resurfacing

Grip the cryogenic body soaked in mystery

Known for making emcees change belief from Tai Chi to ESP

When I drop skills sick like buy my gee

These heads hate me vibing to shit that bump like Teddys

Still refuse excess I be phasing energy

Push Kevlar sub woofers, deposits, enemies

Face the finest war the final conflict for heroin

The growth stunter run the shit down like Heather Hunter

All five are up in that man control to uproot the ruthless demigod

Notorious sets in half

And they can't be attacked by entering the dragon's path

And you won't last in the rugged badlands of the math

All due respect to the DJ breakdance and graf

I could go on about days going dashed

But I won't, indeed yes I will

I buckshot more drunk toxins than golden seal