Watchin You

Yea yeah

I've been, watching you

Bring your body, next to mine

[Danja Mowf]


They say that lust will make a man rush

into situations where premeditation is a must

But, lust turns brain cells to dust

Thus we, focus on the nut bust

And keep it hush-hush, til I discuss us

When my brown skin heroin walked in

Thorough in, all respects of the word

But sex was the word

You woulda thought it absurd

if you had heard, what had occurred, in my brain

I refrain to explain the game

But it's well known, as wild oats get sewn

another touchdown scored in your erogenous zone

As balls get spiked I swoosh like Nike

to the next victim to trick them and stick them

With the rest of my conquest, watching

and waiting, to get your body undressed (I confess)

I've been, watching you

Bring your body, next to mine

(Bring your body next to mine)

I've been, watching you

Bring your body, (bring your body) next to mine

(next to mine)

I bear witness to your physical fitness existence

A straight dime piece like a minute of long distance

For instance, 36 by, 24 by, 36 I, was never good at mathematics

But your status is the fattest in ghettofabulous terms

Therefore I'm not concerned

withcha mental capacity, yo' college degree

Basically, just getting me, to between your knees

Please, I know my thesis, was full of feces

and left your heart in pieces like Reese's

but my Species is Predator (Predator)

Things that I do keep me two steps ahead of ya, heh

I'd love to get your body close, but

post-ejaculation I'm ghost

Supposed if I boast from coast to coast

diagnose that it's your body that I chose the most

(That's how it goes)