The Leaving Dream
Every time she thinks about leaving that night she has the

same dream

And it goes like this:

She's walking across the river

She's walking across the street

Looking down she starts to shiver

Looking down she has no feet.

The IRS is in hot pursuit

Disguised as grandmother

She tried too hard to hide all the loot

By giving it away to somebody or other

Who works in a skyscraper

Where there's a receptionist at the door

But she doesn't have the right piece of paper

And her pants aren't on anymore.

Suddenly she's sitting on the toilet

Right there in plain view of the man

As usual she had to go and spoil it

Just when everything was going according to plan.

Then the bus came by and she missed it

So it came by again and she missed it again

The third time it came by she kissed it

Which put her in the arms of her ex-boyfriend

Who was alive again, he was alive!

And she no longer grieving

But she throws off his embrace and runs from the scene.