Place Where You Belong
misery, such a fool to let you walk away from me

now it seems there's just nobody there for me,

i'm in agony...

ooh yeah

gone without a trace, never knew that love was such a lonely place

damn, i need your loving just to fill this space

i'm in so much pain without you

you let me here alone, why don't you come back home to me

everybody help me sing


this is the place where you belong

right here in my arms

without you something is wrong (x2)

waiting for your car, can't help thinking this mess is all my fault

and just to have you back, i swear i risk it all

my every thoughts are with you


girl i'm on my knees begging for forgiveness in your simpathy

most of all my love i'm in your....

you don't know how much i need you

in need you back my friend so i can live again

without you...everybody help me sing

chorus (x2)


chorus (x2) ('till the end)