You just can't seem to understand

The reason why i am gone

That was the last time that you make me

The little one you step on

I've had it up to here

The end is drawing near

I'm leaving you my dear


Can't you see

You can't break me

I'm not the same as i used to be

I've overcome the misery

And i will be the person that i want to be

And somewhere out there

Lies a person who is stronger than this world

I'm not suffering,

I'm not helpless,

And i'm not your little girl

So listen if you can

And try and understand

Cuz' i need a better man

(repeat chorus)

I know you're not the one to change

I'd rather leave you standing

Than try to rearrange

I'll only turn and walk away

Accept responsibility for what you see

Cuz' it's time you see

That i'm not the same!

(repeat chorus)

Why can't you see?