I Gave You Everything

I gave you all my time and i gave all my love to you

I gave you every dime and tell me what did you do

You broke this heart of mine by loving somebody new

You said that love was forever you'd leave me never

But where are you now


I gave you everything all that one could ever give

I gave you everything you were my reason to live

Everythings out of place

There's an empty space

In my heart

And i gave you everything

You took the best of me you took everything i had

You took so selfishly and gave nothing in return

I would have set you free if that's how it had to be

Why would you lie (why, why)

Why would you need to make me cry

Ooh, yeah, i cried myself to sleep that night

It wasn't right for you to leave me here high and dry

It wasn't right to close the door without so much as a goodbye

Could have blood from a stone

Why did you leave me alone?