Take a look around you, can't you feel the disease

Some want to save their soul, some save the trees

The whole world is going down

Like a bottle rocket flies to its death and

I can't help but think that I might barely make it to my last breath

Going, going, going down

Can't you won't you hear the sound

Going, going, going

How long can someplace last that's dominated by

F-15s, M-16s grenades and 45s?

People hate and can't relate to ourselves

The smell of hell is growing well

Escape from what I deserve is something I would never sell

Does anybody else see this as irony?

We strive to live for peace

And we nailed Him to our tree

People wonder where its safe

While bombers want to show their hate

Wives and husbands want new mates

Rock stars strive to seal their fate

Peace is crumbling, wars still breaking

Families disintegrate

Children die, convenience sake

Nation disassociates

Nation disassociates, nation disassociates

Nation disassociates, nation disassociates