Dont Turn Away
Sittin' here on my own alone

Staring into the candlelight

So afraid that you won't come home

That you won't come home tonight

Your way is my way

That's all I can say

I don't want you to leave some day

Feel so lonely

Don't know what to do

I would do anything for you

Oh girl I should let you go

Already tried but I can't

I can't set you free

So afraid of the end

You would never come back

Babe don't misunderstand

I should let you go

But you know that I can't

I can't let you go

So afraid of the end

Day is dawning the lights go out

Will my nightmare come true

You're still missing

Is someone else saying words

I should do to you

Every moment is touching my soul

Can't believe it, it hurts me so

Think you're leaving

I should do it before

I can't stand it no more - no more

It's the worst of all the feelings

And the worst of all the dreams

I ever had

I'm fellin sad

So I wish there'd be a better way

To make you understand

I know it's all up to you

So afraid of the end