King Darius Suite
King Darius: I am King Darius

I've had a dream

And now I'm feeling rather frightened

And I wish someone would tell me what it means.

Wiseman #1: We are your wisemen

Yes, that is true

And though we're using all our wisdom

We're afraid we can't explain your dream to you.

King Darius: What!?

Wiseman #2: But there is one who is wiser still

And Daniel is his name

So before you take another sleeping pill

Perhaps he can explain.

Daniel: My name is Daniel

That much is true

But it is God who gives me wisdom

And through me He will explain your dreams to you.

Maid: His name is Daniel

That's what he said

But when he talks about this God of his

I think he's kind of loony in the head. (I do.)

Narrator: Well, Daniel was able to explain the king's dream. And this

made the king very happy.

King Darius: Daniel, you have enlightened me

Your job I will expand

From now on I want you to sit right beside me

As the second in command