Oochie Wally
(feat. Nas)

[1st chorus]

oo-chie wally wally, oo-chie bang bang

oo-chie wally wally, oo-chie bang bang

oo-chie wally wally, oo-chie bang bang

oo-chie wally wally

[2nd Chorus]

He really really really fucked my coochie

He really really really turned me out

He really really really got to gut me

He really really made me scream and shout

[3rd Chorus]

He really taught me how to work my body

He really taught me how to do it with my mouth

He really really tried to hurt me hurt me

I really love his thug and gangsta style

[Verse One]

Yeah what up ma,

take a look, you hypnotized

on how my long dick stretch your insides

for real ma, with your thick lips and thick thighs

stoke both holes, pass it to Nas

or pass it to Naish, or pass it to Jung

or pass it to Horse, then that ass gettin tossed

fuck a hustler book, penthouse or blacktale

i got bitches sendin my niggas flicks in jail

i fuck a bitch face more than her waist for real

and aint no pussy like new pussy thats how a nigga feel

bust three times throw her the peace sign

she sleep then my dick sleek and I aint gotta call her for weeks

Long leg hoes, mo'head hoes, married bitches

Me and my dog - fuckin them both they got us switchin

Is the nigga gangsta? Yeah, that's how I'm livin

That's how I'm playin - I got these freak fuckin hoes singin

[1st Chorus]

[2nd Chorus]

[Verse Two]

Little young thing go around my dick with your tongue ring

Deep throat my nine inch, gut from the front and

grind from the side and, fuck from behind and

Grab her hair slap her ass, she screamin like she dyin

Make her come four t