Driving Against Velocities Extreme
Driving against velocities extreme, makes you wonder why you're going nowhere fast

Slipping backwards maybe and you wonder

Yeah you wonder, "How long is this gonna last?"

Eyes blurry and you're seeing through a mirror dimly, yeah it cloouds your mind

Feelings of joy and a mindless toy, you choose to slip away for some time

Don't you realize that you're drowning?

The way it is you'll always be frowning

Cluttered heaps of trouble and you see

Yeah you see that the eyes of disarray are upon you

What pulls your strings really makes you think

Pseudo-happiness envelops you

And I feel torn apart, yeah it rips at my heart

But I know He's got an eye on you, plan to pull you through

All you need to do is meet him there

Take your worries, shove them up your really want to see you meet Him there

Driving against velocities extreme

Wind in your hair makes you think you're going somewhere

So clear out all the noise, hear the One True Voice

I really want to see you meet Him there