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Pigeon Song

Written by dewey bunnell, ©1971
Found on america.

Well, I had me a pigeon
By the name of fred
But I done shot him
In the head

Had me a railroad
Down on the ridge
But I done blowed up
The ...

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Donkey Jaw

Written by dan peek, ©1971
Found on america and america's gold.

Ah, get behind me satan
Quit ravishing the land
Does it take the children
To make you understand?

Ah, all across the nation

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Three Roses

Sitting by the fireside with a book in your hand
Two lazy dogs sittin' watchin' your man
Three roses were bought with you in mind
Three roses were bought with you in mind

I gotta stop and see wh...

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Never Found The Time

Written by dan peek, ©1971
Found on america.

I never found the time
To see things quite through
I never found the time
To give them to you

If living don't come easy
Don't stop your own voic...

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Written by gerry beckley, ©1971
Found on america.

Clarice lay down your mind, it's there just hard to find
Follow me as we wind our way, away

Behind an open door there lies a million more

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The boy cried out
Gaily on the ground
At the joy
Of something he had found

Aw, come on children, get your heads back together
Aw, come on children, get your heads back together
Aw, come on chi...

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Sergeant Darkness

Written by gerry beckley, ©1977
Found on harbor, america live, and highway.

Thank the morning for bringing you
Hope you never turn your head and run
And thank the sun for shining, too
Hope the ...

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I Need You

We used to laugh, we used to cry
We used to bow our heads then, wonder why
And now you're gone, I guess I'll carry on
And make the best of what you've left to me
Left to me, left to me

I need y...

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Ain't it foggy outside
All the planes have been grounded
Ain't the fire inside?
Let's all go stand around it
Funny, I've been there
And you've been here
And we ain't had no time to drink that b...

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A Horse With No Name

On the first part of the journey
I was looking at all the life
There were plants and birds and rocks and things
There was sand and hills and rings
The first thing I met was a fly with a buzz
And ...

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Muskrat Love

Muskrat, muskrat candlelight
Doin' the town and doin' it right
In the evenin'
It's pretty pleasin'

Muskrat susie, muskrat sam
Do the jitterbug out in muskrat land
And they shimmy
And sammy's ...

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The End

I can hardly wait to see her coming down the stairs
A demon's playin in my head a melody I can't forget
She's a beauty in her sorrow, each step a falling chord
That crackles in the giant mirrors at...

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Missionary Man

I'm on my way to the other side
I've broken doors and shattered glass
I've derailed from the joyrider train
And listened to the sounds of the insane
I've looked for wisdom every hour
Searched for...

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I sleep between the gates of night, in a no man's land
Always closer than you think, a kind of your best friend
I have no religion and I have no flag
I don't care if you're wrong or right
Lilac sk...

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Sweet Needles of Success

The circus is full of smoke
After all this years
Some were good, some were bad
Didn't know what I was about to start when I started
Though I wrote it all down
God, I was so naive!
When you're on...

Alphaville 511 Песен

Mercury Girl

She's staying around or else she's goin away
It could be forever or it might be a day
Or may be forever I call her a mercury girl
She's building me up & then she's knocking me down
Like a factory ...

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He is sitting on a hill
A vapid night is crawling through the vale
The trees are fangs of transiency
The demons forge hammers and nails

He will travel all the ways
That lead to the unknown land...

Alphaville 511 Песен

Like Thunder

If I was a flag I'd have no nation
Just the colours and the wind
And if I was a church I'd have no treasure
Except the prayers and the hyms
And if I was a seagull I'd just rise up
And carry my so...

Alphaville 511 Песен

Carry Your Flag

We must have played
For more than ten years
We must have thought
That we're immortal
Shame, shame on us,
Ah little hussy,
What did you think I was

I look at us
We have grown older
A lot too...

Alphaville 511 Песен


Central park looks like a graveyard
It never rained like that before
I took the ferry to new jersey
Never coming back no more
In my hand I hold a ticket
Statue points up to the clouds
Now I'm le...

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