Spray Yourself

THUGG LORD !!!!!!!


Whut bitch, aiight, AIIGHT!

We got a bitch ass nigga in our presence

A fucking imposter

Get yo ass up nigga

Whats up nigga

You ain't no mothafuckin made man

Money don't make you no made man nigga

The mob make you a made man you bitch

Now get on the floor nigga


Nigga shank yourself

Nigga stab yourself

Nigga spray yourself

Nigga blast yourself

Nigga's packed with wealth

Though I come through fast and stealth

Your fuckin stack get dealt

Now they on thier self

Like massika blast to kill

Never try to graze niggaz

Just cause you a paid nigga

That doesn't mean your made nigga

You Gay nigga

I pay niggas

To spray niggaz

Lay niggaz down for the gray glitter

Send you to the GRAVEDIGGAZ!...

Ready to die I aint afraid nigga

I make money, money never make.... niggaz

I break niggaz

Wake up with a .45 pointed in your face nigga

Now where the safe nigga

I take your rolex honeycomb face out the safe

I gotta get my money on straight

The South is gay

These phony ass rappers is fake

About to hate make a move out of state

Regime Killerz about face

Aw hell the Thugg Lord Salute Me!

Put 21 guns in the sky nigga rush yours

Cause none of yall niggaz want war

Fake ass CB4, Gusto still Yuk flow whut the fuck for

We I walk I scrape my knuckles across the ground

Guerrila walking across town beating down Blood Hounds

Yall niggaz sound like Mystikal

Get some skills thuggin on wax I do this shit for real


Chorus: Yukmouth [C-BO]

You aint a made man you made yourself

Give that bitch an AK let him spray yourself


Alot of niggaz