Do You Wanna Rock and Roll
Gonna die . . . shotgun

knives and pistols by your side.

Thank your lucky stars you're still alive

you're alive.

Wo-Wo-. But when I count to three do I kill you

Or do you kill me . . .

Do I kill you

do you kill me

I wonder which way

It's gonna be

make up your mind . . . about

What ya gonna do . . . do . . .

I kill you

do you kill me. I wonderwhich way it's

Gonna be

take a little time

about what ya gonna do . . .

It's time . . . funny the way things turn out in the end

Took me all these years to find a friend

fine friend

Wo-Wo-. That you turned out to be

do I kill you

Or do you kill me . . .

Goodbye . . . AII the friends you had are dead and gone

It would be a shame if you lived on

all alone

wo-wo . . .

Without their company

do I kill you

or do you kill me.