Better Days And The Bottom Drops Out
in my shoes my toes are busted my kitchen says my bread is molded got a good job at the dollar store one foot in the hole one foot gettin’ deeper with a broken mirror and a blown out speaker i ain’t got much else to lose i’m faded flat busted been jaded i been dusted i know that i’ve seen better days one foot in the hole one foot gettin’ deeper crank it to eleven and blow another speaker and i ain’t got much to lose i’ve seen better days been the star of many plays and the bottom drops out my cup’s filled up with five buck wine find myself here all the time another rip in the glass another chip in my tooth rained on i’ve been stained on found another goat i tried to put the blame on now i’m steppin on all the cracks but i guess there ain’t no use i’m bent like glass second hand like glory missed the bus but i’m in no hurry molasses fast no business born