Thin Line
Jurassic 5 feat. Nelly Furtado

Thin Line

The depths of a kinship

What women and men begin with, and then slip

My pen drips

As I scribble my thoughts on thin strips

Of emotion

A fraction, seduction, attraction

Eruption of passion

Corrupts if a lasted friendship's involved

But love to cross the line

But that's why we built these walls

[Hook: Nelly Furtado]

We been friends for a long time, a very close friend of mine

Love you like you was mine, but respect a thin line

I love you like you was mine, think about you all the time

Very close friend of mine, but respect a thin line


Opposite's attract

When the female and male come in contact

Sticky situation in fact

Tryin not to let the feelings catch

But there's a thin line between both of y'all

So you respect that

And entertain the idea, but get brought back

To reality, and could you really live with that?

Decision, based on intuition

You love and keep your distance

Hug and kiss in friendship

[Marc 7]

An ongoing kinship, we was people to begin with

Disrespect was not intended

but your feelings sparked the sentence

Sometimes you're too intense in your quest to invent

The perfect man, please understand, my rhyme is your repent

[(Hook) - repeat 2X]


Man, too bad that we became friends first

I'm not on expert on how relationships should work

But, (echos) from the minute it as known

It changed the whole tone on how we spoke on the phone

Yo, it was cool but I felt it wasn't enough

And I was stuck when your moms would pick it up

Over you, all my buddies would swoon

But I felt we were in tune, you let me up in your room. (Damn)

But to me girl, you're still off limits

No matter all the times that I hit it. (Yo, whatchu doin after this?)

Infactuation was authentic, but yo I just pretended

So I wouldn't lose the friendship

Maybe, I should spill all my guts

Or write a letter, then tear it up

Or do a song, just to say what's up

I want ... just ... a touch

[(Hook) - repeat 2X]

[Nelly Furtado]

I can't do this anymore

See my heart just spills out when you walk in the door

Friendship turns into lust and this only tip

That I can't comprehend even if I knew it

Can't do justice to these things that I'm feeling

You got someone else, don't wanna be caught stealing

Hell if she knew she would never leave us alone

in the roo-ooo-ooom

[Chali 2na]

This was a lesson in friendship

I stress in this sentence

Should women and men be friends first?

And then slip?

My pen drips as I scribble my thoughts on thin strips

of devotion


Opposites attract

And best friends make a perfect match

If you only knew that

Once you cross, ain't no turning back

The minute you let him in it and he hit that

That's that

[Marc 7]

We was people to begin with, but you was too relentless

Jeporidizing kinship, respect is intended

Resolve is my intent

While we got it in

I'm tryin to salvage a friendship

[(Hook) - repeat 2X]