I Get Physical
CL Smooth]

It's going down from out of town

off the wicked streets of New York trouble

Me and my man map the plan and make a hefty bundle

Blessin weight to listen to greats from the bassment gates

Makin the dubplates that cause quakes in other states

My soldiers guzzle 40's with the shorties workin the scenes

in tight jeans that blows all your boyfriends to smithereens

On a scout to get humped out from the zone, bumpin Babyface

When everything's live, I let my Boo drive

Now do my hot shells ring bells and my knockouts settle beef

Any last requests? You better make it brief

Kid from 'Life Sucks' to 'Major Bucks' while Pete rocks

Control blocks from ballplayers to corner hustlers

Here come the Spark Brothers, many retire when I open fire

Droppin smooth synthetic, the physical's mental

but the outcome is energetic

Larger clientele, drops by the CL, the spiritual

to set it one time on the physical

* Pete Rock cuts n scratches

"I get physical, mystical, very artistical" *

[CL Smooth]

You must be silly my soul is Bigger than Willie to shock a city

with some of the Mecca-fied joint at the boiling point

Makin stable moves, wrestling grooves, here comes the pain

My style's invisible knives, slicin to the root of your brain

Funk locks when the terror come to box from the Pete Rizzocks

Knocks the ghetto blaster funkin full fashion

Now dames kick the sham real slow, talkin the shopping's urgent

There hasn't been that much scheamin since Eve met the serpent

My love rules Daisy Duke's amused

Check the view of the issue my flexin bounce to your body tissue

You know the Iceberg Slim, dig it Daddy, let the click grows

Exotic to my foes, how I pimp these hoes

Don't be surprised, you get Tysonized, the ultimate test

is like Sweet Pea spankin all of Chavez best

Blessed on a lyrical slugfest, cause every round's critical

One blow that kept the dough physical

* Pete Rock cuts n scratches

"I get physical, mystical, very artistical" *

[CL Smooth]

You better brace yourself, in other words, fasten seatbelts

When the Carmel melts, you love spots in your poom poom shorts

No one can rock me and my latest aristocracy of Funktasia

I represent the full intent to bring the flavor

Head or gut, steady layin in the cut, fool it's mine kid

for niggaz doin a master race Scarface bid

Maintain God, and keep it all solid

from the Overlord Adolpho Muhammad

To game written twenty years down the line still hittin

Makin arena sites rougher than the hockey fights

It's just one of those nights, topsy turvy like a roller derby

Style is comin sturdy any way you wanna work me

Check the bizarre and hear a star, with so much

chocolate over the Carmel, we need to own a candy bar

But before we merc, run the drill I get physical

Mystical, very artistical

* Pete Rock cuts n scratches

"I get physical, mystical, very artistical