Give Up The Goods (Just Step)
Hey yo Queen's get the Money long time no cash

I'm caught up in the hustle when the guns go blast

the fool retaliated so I had to think fast

pull out my heat first he pull out his heat last

Now who the fuck you think is livin' to this day?

I'm tryin' to tell these young niggas crime don't pay

they looked at me and said "Queen's niggas don't play. Do your thing

I'll do mine kid stay outta my way".

It's type hard tryna survive in New York state

can't stop till I'm eatin' off a platinum plate

po po comes around and tries to relocate me

lock me up for ever but they can't deflate me 'cause

havin' cash is highly addictive

especially when you're used to havin' money to live with

I thought step back look at my life as a whole

Ain't no love it seems the devil done stole my soul

I'm out for delfia, selfia, P's not helpin' ya

I'm tryna get this Lexus up, and plus a cellular

yo Big Noyd! (What up cuzin'?) I can't cope

With all these crab niggas tryna shorten my rope.

Yo it's the r - a double p

e - r, n - o - y - d

Niggas can't fuck with me

comin' straight outta QB

pushin' an Infiniti

you ask can I rip it constantly? Mentally?

Definitely, to the death of me

come and test me

trust me, nigga couldn't touch me if he snuff me

so bust me, you're gonna have to, 'cause I'ma blast you

my lyrical like a miracle, ill spiritual

I'm born wit' it

I'm gettin' on wit' it

an' I'ma have it 'til I'm fuckin' dead and gone wit' it

'cause I'm a what? Composer of hardcore

a lyrical destructor

don't make me buck ya, cause I'm a wild muthaf