Stayin 4Eva

In the studio all night makin' hits

since you claim I don't right I'm a put it like this

Benzino shit tight when I flex my wrists

check the publishing dawg I gets checks for this

and the public gonna love with the check for this

motivated by the hate you better check the list

shit's climbin' homeboy you better check these whips

fully loaded with a tech two extra clips

now it wasn't really that long ago

when I put it down with my team almighty R.S.O.

hustler by night make beats in the day

had that thing under the bed if you fuck with Ray

damn shame why we gotta live this way

protect my life by any means I ain't dyin' today

and I love rap music it's the reason I'm alive

and my faith in God is the reason I survive what


I'm prayin' forever

I gotta find another way up

ain't no way I'll ever give up

I'm stayin' forever

and there ain't nothin' holdin' me down

ain't no way to count me out


Not too many chose the path that young Zino took

where the R.S.O. or Made Men cats we shook

I find it hard to believe that dawg's still livin'

let alone makin' music and I in prison

Destiny's some shit you can't avoid

build a solid foundation and you can't destroy

Me Jeff and JD we keepin' it real

we stay-in homeboys fuck a record deal

shit don't move less you got somethin' to prove

caught up in the streets go gun for gun

since day one I know I stack a million plus

maintain keep my cash flow up bumble and sickly

still got my .38 with me and my gangsta tight

like invincible shit get critical

you face I ain't feelin' you

dead upon arrival it's all about survival