Hello Everybody

I do this for my family reunions

This is for my grandma

All my people in Nebraska

My cousin Simeon

A check it out a check it out


Hello everybody, how do you do

My name's Pigeon Johnny

LA symph's the crew

I know what you're thinking

Who is this fool

My name's Pigeon Johnny

I make the ladies drool

Not really but it sounds cool though


All my party people in the place go (Hey)

All my nerds on the internet go (Hey)

If you showing up late to work go (Hey)

All my college drop out niggaz go (Hey)

If you're working temp jobs let's go (Hey)

All the black white girls let's go (Hey)

To all the white black girls let's to (Hey)

To all the prettier Whittier girls let's go


Met her at the Derby

Over the weekend

I said my name's Pigeon Johnny

And she grinned

I said can I get the 7 digits

And she said "NO"

I said but but but but but, my name's Pigeon Johnny

She said she had to go

Not really but it sounds cool though



One time for your mind you'll find

Pigeon Jack dipped and well equipped wIth a rhyme

100% I dodge dent try to repent

but usually fall when I start to climb

I'm modern day saint PJ

6th and Alvarado becomes a clich

Never that change format

And double that double down Jack

Don't ask him but what she say

Cause I don't really care what they think

Tomorrow they'll be doing my song and will be claiming it's new

And 2 years ago they used to say that ain't even hip hop

Now they dipped in a Sinatra suit

Acting real silly thinking PJ's a joke

But they'll be doing exactly what I do

I te