One More Time
Mama's in the bathroom

Waitin' to be saved

Papa's in the bedroom

Just diggin' up his grave

Brother's in the kitchen

Playin' with a knife

Sister's in the attic

Just laughin' at her life


And it's one more time

All the grapes are on the vine

And I'm gonna take what's mine

One more time

Everybody's nervous

The window shades are down

Angels flutter up above

The flame where love is found

Sit down at the table

Say a little grace

Put on your dark glasses

And try to find your place


Crawlin' up the stairs

Cause I know your love is there

You don't have to tell me

All that I've done wrong

It wakes me up at night

And keeps me up the whole night long

But sooner or later

Everything's the same

And everybody's guilty

Of the pleasure and the pain


Diggin' down deep

Baby please don't fall asleep

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