My Life Is Sweet(feat. Afficial, Curren$y, Krazy
[Chorus - 2x]

My life is sweet

You could tell by the Benz and the Beamers and the Jeeps

Big wheels, big grills make them say oooh-weee

Custom made Bentleys, t.v.s, mink seats

Make them scream wha-wha


Cars and shut it down any set, first dude in the city

To have Intevet, equipped with the Internet

Performance chip is faster than any jet

I'm down the block, and you ain't even start your engine yet

I use to hustle on the block for rent

Met P and I ain't came out of my pocket since

See all these chicks wanna get with me

Because the 6 got more appliances than Circuit City

[Chorus - 2x]


Afficial we the Reebok boys, call us a classic

And rap slowly up on the block, gun and a package

I leave the country cause Paris cooler

Fall back and take a day off like Farris Bueler

Young punks I'm the ruler, you follow my lead

Slow down I been doing this, the product of speed

Can't roll but I'm a weed blower, I get my ki's lower

16-5 a few weeks, I'll have a green roller


I thought I told you the flow don't stop

And it ain't No Limit on the stage if the show don't rock

You can still catch me up in them clubs

In that 2K3 Yukon sitting up on them dubs

Since they wanna know about my whip

I'ma tell em like this, I got enough keys to start a dealership

Now how they think they floss toys

When we in places, so far from home they call us the Lost Boys

[Chorus - 2x]


When I go to the lot, they call me Connect Four

Cause I bought four cars on the road, with four doors

Spend another mill, put diamonds on the grill

Push a button, and my gun pop out the steering wheel

It's real, stack dough and make more

While you cats come up slow like Lamborgini doors

You might see me in a Range, you might see me in a Porsche

I get paid every month like child support


Luxury, I love that bird it's easy

Lift it out, but still a Jag can't please me

But a 6, without the rims is cheesy

Like a bitch, I like my tires breezy

The spinners, on my Navi to tease me

With a sunroof open, it's kind of breezy

With a tank on my neck that just might freeze me

I'm scared of a Viper, she'd like to see that

[Master P]

You ever ate a cheeseburger, on a million dollar plate

Flew to Paris or France, just to get away

Like to party, so we buy the club

Every whip that we drive, be on 24's or dubs

The new Hummer, had it before it came out

200 and 50 G's, I put it in my mouth

Bought a mansion whodie, just to make music

Like the President got a jet and don't even use it

When it comes to ghetto balling, there is none higher

Get a supermodel for a banker, two million dollar wires

In the winter whodi, we sleep on mink coats

In the summer we on the water putting chandeliers and boats

My cousin get athlete money, and don't even ball

My son's only 12, and he could buy the mall

Call me Ghetto Bill, cause I love the cheese

I don't gangbang, my favorite color is green

[Chorus - 2x]