You no that the only thing I can think about now is you, you made me feel like I was worth something, but now with a single sentence you break my heart.

How can you do this to me your all I ever wanted and you break me down like shattering glass.

You made all my fears get left behind when I was around you life seemed so clear then but you cant love me anymore and all the pain you left me in when you went away you cant even dream of.


How can you just leave me here alone to rote and go with someone else so soon. Why were you so scared to tell me talk to me listen you barely knew no but yet you hate me well then maybe you never deserved me, no you never did

I see now that you were just a coward and a fake.

I never will know what I saw in you I was young and naive and you taught me a good lesson for life.

I hope no one else has to go though that pain yes now I ma over it and I will hope for someone better than you but why should I care was I just a doll in your fantasy that you could forget about once you where done playing, or did you really love me.

I will never know its something I would like to just forget about.

Repeat chorus

I see now that you were just a cowered and a fake I will never know what I saw in you.

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