The Rhythm Of Life
Edwin McCain

The Rhythm Of Life

The rhythm of life

Is not so demanding as some caught in narrows would say

Fragile as ships as we pass through Gibraltar

The sirens have long given way

Dark as the murky graveyard of sailors

Whispering secrets told in the crashing waves

The beating of hearts

Set walls to trembling the power of silence persuades

The stumbling feet

Stagger predestined we all end up wild eyed and crazed

And from the madness most jaded of vision

Reflections of horror invade

Running and falling relinquish your venom

The antidote surely will cause your affliction to fade

How little we know of what we are blessed with

Our shimmering island it turns

How little we look at what we see clearly

Of tragedy's lessons not learned

Sleeping through classes we'll make it up later

There's still so much time left to go

Misguided roses we bloom in October

Emerging triumphant in time for the season's first snow