Watercolour Ponies
Wayne Watson

The Plague--Generation's leprosy

Unspeakable shame--Untouchable lives

Much in need of love

But these days who's got much to give

Give in to the pressure

Cross the street on the other side

When Jesus told the listening

That those who follow Him

Could bear the strike of the serpent

Could drink the poison in

Was His vision some spectacular scene

Some exhibition-Some display

Or a reminder, as I live and breathe

To reach out and not be afraid


I try to be a Godly man

I try to walk in the steps of Jesus

I disregard the Lord's command

When I walk through my journey

Untouched by human hands

Untouched by human hands

I despise your evil way--Have no part in such things

From such obvious violation I keep my hands clean

But inside this heart of mine oh, there dwells little good

Only the flow of calvary--Only the Lord and His blood

God bless the child and lest I forget

God save the dying ones who must live with regret

Out on the street--Out there where no one can see

Oh Lord, Stretch forth Your hand and reach them through me