[ verse 1 ]

I'm lookin up out the barrel of a .45

Will a nigga survive

Or will these muthafuckas see me die

You see i'm livin in a society

Where soldiers breed

And you see murder 187 over hustlers greed

I told my homie to watch his fuckin back

While he blunted

I know some niggas that wanna kill him

For that five hundred

You see a murder from a street

My survival skills

Hand to hand or combat or even shoot to kill

Can't let these muthafuckas do you in this game man

Leavin cocaine in blood

Runnin down the street drain

They screamin yea but it ain't because they happy

I think they wanna cap me dome

Run in my happy home

And do me with the chrome

But ain't shit poppin

Cause you're sure to get your life tooken

I got niggas watchin my back

When even i ain't look at it

[ chorus ]



Only the strong can survive

Its called survival

[ verse 2 ]

You see its cold on these blood-thirsty streets nigga

You got to figure

Even these little muthafuckas packin triggas

That'll put you under

I heard the thunder of a .20 gauge

????? another nigga dead

And still don't make the front page

Nobody gives a fuck

You're on your own patna

Better pull some licks but don't jack me

Cause you get with this chopper

Make you spray yourself or ak yourself

If you don't know how much you're worth

You should have took your time and weighed yourself

Its 5050 in the city when its life or death

You can take it

Or i could have my last breath

Its do or die

Die or do

Me and you

Which one will survive

When all the killin is through

Some niggas leavin dumb befor