Send For Henny
You led me headlong to the place where I belong

Dealing big blows to what my heart knows

Old hat and old stories

I get a little red and I'll burst rather than wax and melt

I get a little wrecked

And recalled how I cursed the fact of your tortured trust

Now that's gone I was so wrong, we know where our love lies

Through the catacoms we roam

Come into my house, throw open the windows wide

Then back to your house to do likewise

Cliche time more or less, I stake my claim

You stake my heart, strinking dumb then dearly depart

When it gets too heavy, send for Henny - I'll follow her

Where wet nursed apologies and putrid prisons mix

Our love becomes this useless box of tricks

When it seems so heavy, send for Henny - I'll follow her