Orphean Horizons
Within the winter full moon gloom, where global frost endeavours

Life fragile shades the angels dance, to bless my soul in evil

Enigmatized-Enclosed in white, the path of dreams I wander

To seek the landscapes I decieved, to hunt the lute of endless life

Symphonic orisions- to guide my journey through the night

Orphean Horizons-seduces me towards the light

Gazing past the winter scene, the fields of dark contiguity

Obliged to see the myth reveal, I submit to the bounds of soverignty

Life no longer serves my pleasure, broken by the worms of time

I yearn to greet eternal slumber, enshrinded within the depth of death

Dispersed across the winter sky

the lost ones that from death have fled

Like lucid art divests the heavens

in pulsating waves of patterns red

Swirling storms of dust

embraces me to blind my sight


I Close my eyes to die in peace, no longer life can me deride

I lay myself to greet the vast, to fade away within the night