Brand New Low
Over and over I keep wondering why

Then I give up and see that look in your eyes

Cause if I trip and fall,

I'll be to blame

And if I hit the wall,

I'll still be the same

Wasting your time with your so called friends

The ones you adore and the ones you pretend

And it's kind of sad and deranged

But it's not so bad that it can't be explained

Cause in my mind

It's all a waste of time

And there's no excuse at all

Then I realize, surprise

You were right all along

And I want to know

Have I gone too far

Have I sunk to a brand new low

And I want to know

If I've gone too far

Cause I've lost all my self control

Guilty as charged

I've been convicted and tried

Was it too much to ask for you to take my side

Cause there's nothing here left to defend

When it's always me

That you blame in the end

Cause in my mind it's the perfect crime

And there's no excuse at all when I realize

Surprise you were right all along

Nothing is what it seems,

To me you're sleeping without the dreams

Without you, nothing defines me

When I'm slipping away

It's only you that can find me

and I'm over my head again

I'm falling from end to end