Crying In The Wind
In my own dreams I would live here forever

If I could make all I did undone

What can I say to those who stood by me

Well I can hardly see them again

I know it's too late for you to forgive me

Though I regret everything I did

I feel like I'm screaming but nobody hears me

They wouldn't care anyway

Was it worth all pain, I'm crying in the wind

I must answer myself everyday

Was it worth all pain, I'm crying in my sleep

And my conscience will never be clear

All of a sudden my eyes saw new places

Calling me now and I know it's time

To reach for tomorrow, and leave all behind me

A place so far away from myself

I open the gate to a whole new dimension

Finding my last call has to be made

Never again I'll live by their side

Building new strength not to stand in their line

I will always remember this day

Breaking their limits, no reason to stay

I'm leaving the place where I used to belong

And finally starting my journey home