Leggo My Ego
My subconscious mind

Has got me in a bind

Your love has made me blind

Let go my ego!

I feel the cold wind blow

It feels like 10 below

I'm feelin' oh, so low

Let go my ego!

I need some recreation

I got some strange sensations

I can't deal with relations

Now my superego

Is sayin' no, no, no

I think I'll listen to some early Brian Eno

I try to keep a lid

On my crazy id

I don't know what I did

Let go my ego!

I'm beginning to lose my patience

I'm feelin' some bad vibrations

Wanna join the United Nations

My psychoanalyst says I have a low self esteem

My psychoanalyst wants to know what I dream

What does it mean?

I just want out alive

I'm trying to survive

It's like a real life game

A' Stratego

I keep hittin' the bomb

And I can't stand calm

I wanna call my mom

Let go my ego!

I need a long vacation

I'm feelin' bad vibrations

I can't deal with relations

My psychoanalyst says I gotta tend my mind

Like a garden, I gotta weed it from time to time

I'm feelin' deep deep blue

I don't know whadda do

Ah, honey, where are you?

Let go my ego!

I got some good advice

But at a heavy price

I try to act real nice

Let go my ego!

Let go my ego! (x4)