Master And Slave
No pennies from heaven, no pennies in my hand

Think your drinkin' wine dad it's blood of the lamb

That's no way to treat your son now is it abraham

After he busted his ass for you

You've never known hunger, never took a risk

Through you know you should, you know you'd never

Raise a fist

If the boss asked you to jump you know

You'd find the nearest cliff

That man talks down to you

And you talk down to me too now

Master and slave in equal parts

Split down the middle drinkin' doubles at the bar

Master and slave god bless you both

I got two for the price of one

(such a deal for your only son)

When will this tension be all over

For fallen sons and fathers too

I'm down to my last dime

No faith in mankind

C'mon let's swing into the groove...

Like jack homer backed up in a corner

But i never saw a slice of no pie

Too busy standin' in line

Just waitin' for bread

But the father he walks the water

He ain't never tossed a nickel to his son

Ain't i your prodigal boy?

Ain't i your pride and joy?

Friends and romans i'm your brother

I'm scratchin' to hang on

The pursuit of happiness is just a carpetbaggers con

When a can of pork and beans could change my attitude

You won't give it up but i coulda been you

While the masters and slaves scratch

For pieces of the dream

For purple mountain majesties

Whatever the hell that means

They give up on each other

And that's the way they get ahead

But i can still see the stars

Through these red, white, and blue prison bars

Master and slave in equal parts

Split down the middle drinkin' doubles at