All Tied Up In You
Even when your lips begin to speak

I feel the feeling coming over me

I'm needing you, this is scaring me

But I've lost myself, you see

And the magic of the moment

The moment of your touch

I know you've worken me, baby

But I'm needing you too much


'Cause I can't think and I can't eat

Its 3 in the morning and I can't even sleep

'Cause I'm all tied up in you

And I dunno what to do

Sometimes I can't breathe

Sometimes I can't speak

I'm crying in shame, what you've done to me

'Cause I'm all tied up in you

Yes I'm all tied up in you

All tied up in you baby

I smell your smell when you're not at home

I love the scent of your new colonge

You know it drives me crazy

When you're not near me baby

I called you up just to hear your voice

I wish I didn't have to but I've got no choice

Like a rope around your heart

Just wanna be where you are


There ain't nothing you can't do about

There ain't nothing I can't say

I'm as guilty as sin, boy

When it comes to meeting you, baby

I'm all wrapped up in you, as tight as enough

I'm ready to give you

Everything that I've got

'Cause I love you

Chorus to end