Merrick Sympathiser
It starts right now

Stake my claim for the throne of incompetence

Come last at everything - every time

I have failed at all I have attempted

Childhood goals tipped and up-ended

And you just look at me and say I fucking told you so

You're not the king of me I'm the king of me

So why do I still beg for your attention

My name remains a filthy word unfit for you to mention

I'm fucking shit, I'm really sick

I cannot cope, I don't think I can put up with it

Here we go again - headlong into another scene

I put hands over my eyes and try to hide

It never changes, I've never lived up to your expectations

I am the cancer in your life - I am a burden

And all the times I tried my best, it's never good enough

Cause every time I fail the tests - I'm just not good enough

Too fucking stupid, too fucking dull

I can never live up to what you want from me

I've only just begun to find my feet

And you kick them right out from under me

I can't compete, this isn't fair I'm the circle that cannot fit the square

Lying awake, cannot sleep

Play over in my mind all that you've done to me

I smile outside - inside I'm screaming

And silently - in my mind I'll always be your enemy I am your enemy