The Mitosis Waltz
[In thick German accents]

If it's ze secrets of life that you seek,

Zen srough (through) a mi-croscope you must peek!

Mendel did vonders just using his eye,

But to really see, you must magnify.

You can't help but notice ve're nossing (nothing) but cells,

But vhere in ze cell does heredity dvell?

The Nu-cleus! That's vhere it hides.

You don't see much until it divides,

Then Chro-masomes enter new phases,

Split into two, und zat is ze basis

Of Sexual Transmission vhich olvays engrosses

Our feverish minds, but it's only Meiosis.

Reducing zee chromasomes fifty percent,

So vhen egg and sperm meet at zat blessed event,

Ze Chro-masomes form one full set.

Just two of each kind, zat's ze best best!

And that new cell begins to grow,

Multiplies into an Em-bryo.

Ze ex-plana-tion of zis growth

Is it's due to a process ve know as Mitosis!

And zat's vhat our Microscopes helped us determine,

In Germany, vhere un ze germ cells are German!