Mother Father
[Verse 1]

Hey girl how you doing

Do you feel like talking?

Or do you need me to call you back

You from round what way and when's your birthday

Or what's your zodiac sign (I'm an Aries)

Well I'm a Virgo so my sign's compatible

What you do for fun cause I don't drink or club

I just like to chill with somebody like you


Everything is cool when love is all brand new

Cause you're learning me and I'm learning you (it's cool)

Cause you're learning me and I'm learning you

[Verse 2]

What type of work you do or are you still in school

Or do you have any kids (and if I did what?)

See I'm the type that don't mind

Cause I can understand that things happen sometimes

By the way I 'm wondering are you cool with your family

Cause I would like to meet your parents someday

Maybe we can begin something wonderful and beautiful cause



Girl it's so cool (yeaaah)

Talking with you (yeaaah)

It gets better every moment I spend with you

Girl you're so nice (nice)

And you so fine (so fine)

Plus you're real and that's just what I like