are you an alien

are you from this earth

would you care to tell me

details of birth

did you just emerge from thin air

can you even tell me

are you really there

jet age dreams

from days gone by

the circle in te forest

where they dnced beneath the sky

...beneath the sky...

beneath the sky

do you know my thoughts

can you read my mind

would you dare to tell me

what it is you find

come on now tell me what you find

what lays hidden in my mind

I can see through you

I can hear you too

I can feel you touch my mind

did they paint your face

in ancient times

were they talking 'bout you

in celtic rhymes

can I just reach out

pull back the shroud

would you let me hold you

would it be allowed

are you the legend

did they call you seer

would you let me hold you

would ou disappear...