(Ahhh... tales of urban despair and unemployment on the fringe)

[verse 1]

The gun lies on the street But it's too late

There's no one near 'Cause they're hiding behind their fears

In the crouched position, I make my stand The trigger melts with my hand

And it's no longer a part of me That's why I do not flee

The madmen in the high courts they don't understand About living for money

How it breeds plenty of time to kill People want more than just the

An iron cross held way up high can be seen throughout the lands in our mind

The grip of power holds you close, you feel the pressure mount

So isolate your energies and make each second count in your life, in your life

You know its gonna be tonight



The letter drops, and it falls right down the crack

Down, down it's never coming back

The letter drops, it falls right down the crack

And down, down it's never coming back