Talk of the Town
Intro: Rampage

Yeah motherfuckas is talk, bullshit Saddam

We hear that, we gotta take these niggas to war

I'm wit ya, Flipmode, check it out

Fuck the jacks

Chorus 4X: Rampage

Rampage the Talk of the Town

The stalker of New York that fucks up the underground


I split yo spleen, clean ya body with Listerine

Microphone fiend, Boy Scout on the winning team

All y'all niggas, yo we take all bets

Yo I'm killin brothers on the train like Bernard Yes

Yo I'm crazy, motherfuckas got me vexed

You some frontin ass nigga in your feet up blank

You need to take a back seat, before my crew brings a heat

We can go man for man, or street to street

Yo I heard it thru the grapevine, you Rock Steady

(You just a butter knife, I'm a machete)

I co defend you, reck ya squad that defend you

Check the menu, cuz I'm so far in you

I burn out ya conclex, or with the fuck

Here comes my body blow, here comes the uppercut

I got the rhymes that make you pull out ya guts

Flipmode Iz Da Squad nigga, hold ya nuts

96 to 2000, Boy Scout nigga what

Stickin the dick in the fat bitches butt

Chorus 2X


I marks the spot, My Flipmode niggas up in the dark

Back in the days, I used to spark in 181 park

I'm off the hook, you can see my whole outlook

I'm just another rugged Scout straight out from Brook

New York Ave is where I chill with baress

Representin mom dukes, gettin shit off my chest

Got the 4 pound, Desert Eagle, Smith and Wess

It's Boy Scout nigga, you know rockin wit the best

I'mma hold it down, a hundred dollars a pot

I won't stop, I drink it to ya very last drop

I smack you in the face with a bunch of banaid