My Old Lady
featuring Fiend Snoop


Yeah this is the excited private better know as sleepy eyed Jones Capone

better know to yall as Fiend

Im here with Prime Suspects and Snoop

I wanna dedicate this to my old lady

[Fiend Chorus]

Nah Do you know my old lady (Quarter key Quarter key)

Tell me what she do for me (Quarter key Quarter key)

Helping feed my family (Quarter key Quarter key)

all my niggaz named her "D" (Quarter Key, Quarter key)

Nah, Do you know my old lady (Quarter Key, Quarter key)

Tell me what she do for me (Quarter Key, Quarter key)

Helping feed my family (Quarter Key, Quarter key)

all my niggaz named her "D" (Quarter Key, Quarter key)

cant keep her ass off the streets my old lady


The one that got me pushing mercedes

the one that made all yall buster niggaz shady

she made everyday in the hood in the hood just gravy

Kept me thinkin that gang a niggaz named Jackers was gon play me

see my baby, would amase me, when she hit the block

her dycker names are grams, pizza, and rye

what she got aint no need for another bitch

but its so hard, I dont seen brothers kill brothers quick

mothers done lie sick, from ,meeting up with my girl

she done make my pockets fat from Curuptin world

but see dont let hr high tonight

cause she'll make you end your life tonight



I have a lot of bitches

I made a lot of riches

I fucked a lot of bitches

Which is the reason

I fell in love with her

I never meant to hit her

She's the preachers daughter

and Quarter Key is what they call her

She's a Chi town baller, checking cheese from new orleans

then she ship it down to her folks uptown in Harlem

when my chips get low, that's what my old lady for

can you hear me dawg nigga, do you feel me dawg

all my niggaz in the game feel the same way

getting honey for the money, then cut like O.J.

my lifestyle is crazy im living way to shady

Im at the pad acting bad my old lady



She drive me crazy cant keep her off the streets

a down bitch, down to make me rich, she hot, she makes me keep some heat

Some say I switch cause I left my boy for that girl

but they tripping, she's TRU 2 me, they tryin' blues so let that bitch run

my world she understanding never demanding

and never overweight, when I go to jail she post bail

and when Im hungry she fixes a plate she's playa hated

by these sucker, and jomie they wanted the beef

she kept my homies paid I know they like her

because they nicknamed her "D"


My old lady snow jumped off the poacher

native four expensive hoe she balls cutthroat

with gangstas cross if you here to one time

aint no flossing, but if you pimp the bitch and stack the grits

she make em good money they hoe hype stand on the block all day

long police mad, can't stand my bitch game plan

slick with her should I love money making bitch

she got that fire, got all that junk and boy 6

[New 9]

My old lady be the thug hoe

you niggaz wanna love, my old lady tattoo slug bouncin

that ass in the club my old lady got the tweakers,tweakers

and she love when I beat he with that B-12, and watch it swell

making my paper on the streets, ugh and since I

pimp her so sweeter it comes back to me

a boss bitch, every nigga wanna please

but they better get the fuck from around me, soul survivors, up in it

pimp that hoe for me from that LAP, to the LBC now pimp that hoe for me

*Chorus til end