In Vain I Cry
I seek the unknown lands,

Aware that he is close

And though he steals my breath,

I'll make him die alone and cold.

I look up to the sky

And see the stars collide.

This is what we've become

And now it's time to die.

See the spirits leave their bodies,

See the end of time approaching.

Christ achieved his master plan,

To bring the envy to his hands

And though our lives are short,

They show us what we (all) live for:

Nothing at all my friend,

You have been fooled forever more.

I wear the wrath of God,

His army seeks my body

And as I run forsaken,

I fall beneath the sea of life.

The darkness shrouds my vision,

I hear not what is spoken.

A figure robed in hatred,

Holds my hand and flies away.

I dissolved inside a story;

A systematic mental change.

And as I set myself to worry,

I felt the tear drops fall as rain.

"Seeing the agony of the unborn burnt my heart in a well of fire. An agony

never felt before, which transformed itself in pure hatred."

I disguise the sky.

The darkened entrails befall upon these wasted lands;

A sign from the fallen one who seeks his freedom

And end all hypocrisy.