You got my motor running

Slide me into gear

You don't need directions

We're not driving far from here

I'm out here waiting for someone just like you

Had to leave my lights on

Now my battery needs some juice

I want you to remember me

So rub my bumper nice and clean

If it's good for you, it sounds good to me

Don't you want to ride a.... Steamroller -

I'm built for comfort not for speed Steamroller -

Oh I've got everything that I need Steamroller -

Take me for a ride Steamroller -

Sit up, sit down, sit up

Sit down on me and drive

Where the road looks bumpy

You'll always have the key

If you think I'm rusty

Just pour a little oil on me

When I start to rumble

You know I'm on my way

As long as you are driving

Oh, I'll do anything you say