Bob Your Head
Bob your head.. (2X)


As we bop on..

to the break of dawn..

the non-stop hip-hop bop..

takes you on down..

to the last, STOP!! "ruff, ruff an' rugged we comin.."

So won't ya bob your head.. "ruff, ruff an' rugged we comin.."

B-b-ba bob your head.. "ruff, ruff an' rugged we comin.."


A freak I find the kind to wine and dine

I freak a blind date, and your fate is to wait in line

at the party.. tryin to get a hottie

Cool T and Roddy, D.M.C. and Scottie

Big Kev and Marty, Hurricane and Arty

Phil, Doug, and Naughty - damn, a big party

So I grab the mic, I like, recite, the hype

and type, and write, with my..

freak it 'fore the niggy night is done

for Ricky-Run to get dumb and then some

So while you're here, it's clear to every per-son

ah that you need to bob get involved

and weave with ease and please the steez with G's

Now, just to be at ease

cause this is it, legit, a hit, I throw a fit

Not slackin or lackin a bit, nah that ain't it

So just a bob ya head, like I said, the fresh it

So just a bob ya head.. "ruff, ruff an' rugged we comin.."


Bob your head! "ruff, ruff an' rugged we comin.."

"ruff, ruff an' rugged we comin.."

I make your heads bob, I got you slobbin the knob

So do a good job, why don't ya let me know - HOW YA LIVIN HOBBES?

Whassup wit ya girl? Ya know I like the way your earrings jang

and your booty swing, ah while my beat go

BOOM BOOM - why don't you let me take you to my room

Take off our shoes relax sit on bed and watch the Looney Tunes

But no! You want me take you out and wine and dine you

But I ain't got no time to chase behind and never find you

So be this dope a lethal dose of poisonious potion

Stick to the sound that's up and down now sit ya that's the motion

Buckwild inna style for ya honey child

The organization of bobbin and pacin will make you bob a while

Grab a cutie, Duke her Bootee, bust a ?? box

That's my duty, girl please do me, don't try to cockblock

Give nuff respect, I love the sex, again I said..

Here it comes from Run (yo Jay) 'Yo D!' HOE BOB YA HEAD

"ruff, ruff an' rugged we comin.."

Ah just a bob ya head ..

Bob ya head "ruff, ruff an' rugged we comin.."

Ah just a bob ya head ..


Well I believe you weave and bob the job is done

by Run so come get some for fun

Keep the force I'm nicky-number one

and I'll scratch my vocord for f-f-fun

And nevertheless I must confess that it's a bless-un

that people are ride and must abide to this direct-ion

I triple it up to let you know that I'm a swift one

Those who oppose get broken nose that's how I live son

I move the head that's what I said, this is my miss-ion

I'm dickin em down and all around, to make the head bob

So bend your neck, give nuff respect to me, dance Hobbes

for this is it, the brand new shit, I'd like to mention

so hurry up because the cut is my inven-tion

The jazz, pizazz, with class, at last

kickin your ass, for the past

three and a half minutes, you been in it to win it

So you defin-in-it..-itely need to bob your head

And I say!

I'd like to give a shout out to the Hollis Crew, in there!

My homeboy D.M.C., he's in there!

To my homeboy Jam Master Jay

and the brothers at JMJ, you know they in there!

To my man Eric Blam, in there!

To my man Grand Wizard Cut Professor DJ Dig, definitely in there!

My name is Run Love and I'm out of here with The Afros

and the 40 Ounce CREW!