There Stood The Fence
There stood the fence that penned me in when I was younger

This was the house where we all stayed

There was a tree we used to hang out under

This was the place where I played

But now that's gone so I have to wonder

Is it worth the price we pay?

A long range test has put us under

And made us go away, go away...

This was the town where all my friends and I had grown up

The only place I've ever known

A long gray street with some houses built on it

Less than perfect but it was home

Now it's gone and I curse it in my darkness

This is the cross I have to bear

We pay the price of our own injustice

We made us go nowhere

Go nowhere, nowhere


This was our earth our garden of eden

Took what we could and left her there bleeding

And what became of the hopes and the dreams

Did they die with us 'cause that's how it seems

Here comes the rain can't you taste the acid?

Or has it left you numb?

This is the moral to the story I offer

Can you hear me son...

Or have you gone away