Night The City Cried
*police radio* (humming)


Night falling, red dawn, without warning or beef

Late night city life, in the dark manhattan fog, creep

Wit' cats and dogs become meat

All that is sacred

My body lay naked

Aching for some weeks, maybe it was a hostage taken

Some money making jamaican

High for thuggery disgrace on did him ugly, kicked his bloody face in

Maybe he was mistaken for some great man

In a dirty place he lay in a gray basement

Shaking his scabs, crack bag, stabbed up four times, strong!

With a long rusty jason

Dumped the smoldering corpse in a dumpster truck of garbage

In this mad man hell he laid in

Logical was hatred

Some replacement killer came through, left small traces

Engraved his chest

Left him for death

Left him on his last breath

Crawling, just to make a statement (hu hu huh)

In this matrix

Subconsciously gazing the soft shell of a man

Somehow found, amazing!

By the department of sanitation

Under city lights to the hospital

Hit him with the chest rockers, shockers

Pop him open just to keep his heart racing (clear)


Will he make it?

Will he survive?

Terror in his eyes

Night the city cries

Payback is crime

He damn near died

Banished my wounds not mine

The city cries, drama ride

Guns out the window, slide

Before me now the city cries


Unconscious for months (beep beep)

Deep in coma shock

When you awoke, it was hope

Dry throat

Choking off tools, being fed ice cubes

Pain in you head

Change of the bed

Doped up and soaking while police on top

Doctors monitor your heart (heart beating)

Sergeant bilko came in with some zombie ass cops

What we ha